Hassle about a durian tree

There’s been a discussion about a durian tree in the back of a house, growing on common property. The house owner says a woman dropped by the “backyard garden” to “steal” durian fruits and got her worker to even climb the tree to pluck the fruit. Durian will fall by itself when ripe and not supposed to be plucked from the tree.
There are only two neighbours to that piece of common property, in Bangsar. The house owner says the last time the lady came to take durian, she said that “her father planted the tree”!

The house owner then asked, “Why plant it right behind my land and please cut it down”.

Sometime in late December 2018, the lady returned for the fourth time to get the durian fruit. She even had workers to help.

When she returned that last time, the house owner was quicker to get to the fruit! One claims the durian tree, since it sits in the back of the house on adjoining land, thus belongs to her. The other claims it is on no man’s land, and thus anyone should be able to take the fruit.

My, My such a to-do over durian! To me, it’s common land, so anyone should be able to take whatever.

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Subhadra Devan

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