Year of the Dragon — What’s in store for each zodiac


Every year the International Institute of Tao Studies in Kuala Lumpur holds a talk on what Chinese New Year brings, and how to turn on the auspicious and prosperous flow of qi and to manage the inauspicious energies that affect the Tao way.

In general, the Year of the Dragon is a good year for the Goat, Ox, Tiger and Snake and a challenging one for Monkey, Dog, Rabbit and Horse.  Regardless, it is highly recommended to at least carry the following:

  • The Tai Sui card for the year 2024 to manage the conflict or gather support from the 2024 Tai Sui.
  • The Guiding Angel cards to attract guiding angel luck to smoothen one’s path; and
  • The Apparent Position and Hidden Prosperity cards to enhance one’s career, position and prosperity luck in 2024.

The almanac for 2024 published by the International Institute of Tao Studies — a useful tool


The Rat has to manage the White Tiger this year, so he has to be careful of physical injury. Avoid extreme sports. But there are three good stars – Hidden Guidig Angel, Heaven Seal Guiding Angel and Jiang Xiang. The Rat will show leadership and is empowered at work to get things done. Heaven Seal confers authority. Hidden Guiding Angel means a strong chance of someone helping you. The Ox is good or the Tiger. Wear a jade kirin to manage the White Tiger.


The Ox will experience above average luck. The Fortune Virtue star means good deeds that have been accumulated through the years will have their effects multiplied manifold. Continue with good deeds and they will help dissolve negative stars. The Pan An star leads to  outstanding achievement and success. The path will be quite smooth for the Ox. You will get help from people and help them in return. You will make beneficial connections.


Prosperity shines on the Tiger who will have to be more hardworking to attract more money. He will be quite busy as hard work pays off. The Fortunate star helps to reduce the impact of negative stars and draws in prosperity. Don’t go to Yin places, funerals and hospitals. There’s a feeling of sadness but the Happiness star will lift you out of it. Don’t look at eclipses which bring negative energy. Wear a jade pig for hidden prosperity, carry a Guiding Angel card and Hidden Prosperity card.


Rabbit comes under the Sick Mark star and has to be extra careful about his health. Go for regular checkups. He has to be careful about sharp objects. He may be prone to arguments with the family and disputes. Let it be and do not increase the tension. The Ox is your best friend and helps bring prosperity to you. Wear smooth sailing beads, carry the Guiding Angel cards and put the Zhong Kuei picture in your house.




Dragon clashes with Tai Sui or minister in charge of the years. You have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities and should not shy away from them. Avoid sharp objects. There’s a good star Hua Gai which helps you show off some talent. The Golden Truck star means you can make money. The Zhong Kuei picture will help dissolve negative influences. Carry a jade pig and jade ox.


The Snake has support from the Tai Yang or sun star which can dissolve negative stars. This will benefit more the male than the female. He will have more than average luck. The Guiding Intellect star will give the Snake wisdom. There will be missed opportunities and complaints at work, coupled by a feeling of loneliness. Be aware of your personal belongings and snatch theft. Wear a jade Ox. Put a Wen Chang brush in place in your house.


The Horse should avoid yin places like hospitals and funeral parlours. The Red Romance star brings encounters with insincere people this year. Be extra careful about people being nice to you; don’t take them seriously. The Horse will suffer ups and downs in his emotions. Be careful of sharp objects. On the plus side there is a dissolution star and the negative impact will not drag on. There’s a Hidden Guiding Angel to help you and a Literate Guiding Angel makes you street smart and find shortcuts and solutions in problem solving. Wear a jade tiger to give you prosperity and a jade Goat to reap the Guiding Angel benefits. Put a Zhong Kuei picture in place.


There’s positive influence from the Tai Yin star. It helps you look at things in a different light which helps to boost sales if you are in that line. The Goat will show some unique skill. There’s the bonus of the Guiding Angel star which smoothens the way, bringing harmony and dissolving negative nfluences of the bad stars. Carry a Guiding Angel card, jade Pig for hidden prosperity and jade Ox for Guiding Angel.


The Monkey has to be careful about laws and regulations. Read carefully legal documents and consult a lawyer if necessary. You may encounter petty enemies who talk bad about you and make problems for you. Have a Zhong Kuei picture in place to dissolve the negative influences of the bad stars and bring in prosperity instead. Carry a jade Ox (Guiding Angel) and jade Snake for wisdom.



The Death Mark star means things will come to an end for the Rooster. You should plan what you want to discontinue whether it’s a company, a relationship or a bad habit. Make a clean cut for good things to continue. There will be small spending and small losses. Try to plan so that what you want will come to you unexpectedly. The Rooster has the Tao Hwa star which will be good for those working in sales and marketing, as there will be good, positive response. Be careful with sharp objects.  A jade Ox will be good for the Rooster. Have the Zhong Kuei picture in place to manage negative stars.


It’s a challenging year for the Dog as the Sui Po star goes against the Tai Sui or minister in charge of the year. Try not to make major decisions. There will be big spending: try to be mindful of this and manage it. Be conservative when going against challenges and obstacles. You will need all the help you can get. Be close to Tiger people to help you. Carry a jade Ox, the Guiding Angel and a jade Tiger.


The Pig has Dragon Virtue which brings good results if you are always active. Don’t dwell on the negative side and get things done. There’s a Hidden Prosperity star which brings wealth not visible to anyone.  You can start something on the side and earn from it. There’s a Red Bird star, so those single may experience a sincere relationship and find their life partner. The Zhong Kuei picture will help to dissolve bad stars. Wear a jade Tiger for prosperity and jade Goat for the Guiding Angel.


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