Golden Phoenix pop-up for Chinese New Year feasts at EQ  

Those of us who have enjoyed the fine Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine of Golden Phoenix in years past at the old Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, will appreciate its annual pop-up at EQ each lunar New Year.


On my side I have enjoyed numerous lou sang at this grand restaurant, and birthday celebrations too. One unforgettable memory was celebrating the birthday of a relative’s elderly father-in-law and me drinking whisky with him because no one at the table wanted to!

Golden Phoenix’s Chinese New Year feasting is taking place on Level 1 of EQ Kuala Lumpur from now till February 24 2024, serving both lunch and dinner.

Platinum softshell crab, white bait Yee Sang

While cherished dishes of the past 50 years will be featured in the sets and a la carte menus, new dishes to suit the palate of modern gourmets have also been included. There are seven set menus to choose from, ranging from RM198+ to RM888+ per person, including a vegetarian set for Yan Yat on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, at RM188+ per person. A minimum of four persons is required for the set menus.

We tossed Yee Sang with crunchy white bait and softshell crab and loved the textures of both main ingredients, with a well-balanced and light tangy sauce. This is in the Prosperous Atmosphere Set, at RM388+ per person.

Double boiled matsutake mushroom soup, fish maw, droed scallops, lily bulb

The flavours and aroma of the Double-boiled Matsutake Mushroom Soup, with fish maw, dried scallops and lily bulbs lingered on my palate. The soup was such a treat, especially with the thick, smooth fish maw, with the lush dried scallop, chicken and matsutake lending their sweetness to it.

Braised sun-dried oyster, abalone, sea moss, flower mushroom, sea cucumber and broccoli

Then it was the Braised sun-dried oyster, abalone, sea moss, flower mushroom, sea cucumber and broccoli, a time-honoured dish that conveys all the blessings of the season. A light sauce brought them all together.

Duo of Prawns glazed soy, and scallop ,ayopnnaise coated crispy potato

A good fresh fish doesn’t need much embellishments when steamed. I liked the Steamed Tiger Grouper with preserved radish, garlic, ginger and superior soy sauce. The fish had been portioned out neatly and served.

Steamed Tiger Grouper, preserved radish. garlic, ginger, superior soy sauce

We had the Duo of Prawns, glazed soy and scallop mayonnaise coated, with crispy potato. The classic soy glazed prawn was good. Mayo-coated scallop topped with crispy potato added interest to this prawn dish.

Oven Roasted Duck with sweet orange sauce, chestnuts — scrumptious

I enjoyed very much the Oven-roasted Duck with sweet orange sauce and chestnuts. The sweet orange sauce was an excellent match for the roasted duck. There was a delicious aroma from the duck, and the chestnuts soaked in the orange sauce were just so good.

Golden Phoenix crispy e-fu noodles, chicken, seafood

I’m all for the Golden Phoenix Crispy E-fu Noodles with chicken and seafood. The noodles are eggy and crispy, drenched in a lovely sauce with scallops, chicken and shimeji mushrooms.

Rice Cake and baked peony lotus seed paste, chilled lemongrass jelly, passionfruit, dragonfruit

Rice cake and baked peony lotus seed paste, chilled lemongrass jelly, passionfruit and dragon fruit were the perfect finale for this repast. The rice cake was in the shape of a fish; the baked peony lotus seed paste is layered delicately with crispy pastry and opens up like a flower.

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