Lobster Yee Sang, Shajing oysters get a Dragon feast going

Lobster Luxe Yee Sang made it special for us for Chinese New Year at Noble Mansion in Petaling Jaya recently. After all, it’s loong har, to welcome the Dragon year. There was halibut in it too and together with the melange of vegetables, fruits and nuts were brought together with a light citrusy sauce.

The Lobster Luxe Traditional Yee Sang ready for the tossing

I’m all for the Braised Shajing Sun-dried Oysters with Fatt Choy, a wonderful, tasty departure from the usual dried oysters, broccoli, mushrooms and fatt choy. Shajing in the northernmost part of Shenzen, is well-known for its oysters. For more than 1,000 years the Shajing people have been involved in oyster breeding. The oysters are known for their tender succulent flesh and aroma.

Braised Shajing Sun-dried Oyster with Fatt Choy

The super large, lush oysters were the star of this dish, surrounding black mushrooms and crowned with fatt choy. They were drenched in a flavourful braising sauce  that had roast pork in it. It made sense to serve this after the Yee Sang, showcasing their “star” quality.

The lush and gigantic Shajing Oyster

I do like fish steamed in a spicy style and that was in the Steamed Coral Trout with Shanghai style chilli sauce. The sauce was hot and tangy, saltish a bit with chopped black beans in it while pickled chillies gave it sour hints.. Best of all were translucent and slithery sheets of Shanghai potato noodles to dredge in the flavourful sauce.

Steamed Coral Trout with Shanghai Style Chilli Sauce — very nice

The Pagoda Pork Belly was so called because slices of the braised pork belly were stacked up on a deep fried yam block to resemble a pagoda. There’s the delish aroma of nam yue or fermented red beancurd on the tender meat and I always like yam!

Stacked up on a deep fried yam block — Pagoda Pork Belly

Grilled Canadian Scallop on Meat Cake had a scallop with a layer of shrimp paste beneath sitting on minced meat with water chestnuts. It was like eating a large tasty dimsum.

Grilled Canadian Scallop on Meat Cake

Charcoal Flamed Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat and Hong Kong Goose Liver Sausage is always something to look forward to at this time of the year. This clayport of rice was stirred up with a sweet and lovely sauce, with drippings from the steamed waxed meats. My favourite here has to be the gooseliver sausage and the slices of the sweet waxed duck.

The waxed goodies for the Charcoal Flamed Claypot Rice with waxed meat and gooseliver sausage

Charcoal Flamed Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat & Hong Kong Goose Liver Sausage

Deepfried fritters of Nian Gao and Tong Sui with peach gum and longan were a perfect ending to the lunch.

Deep Fried Nian Gao

What we had were the pick of the Chinese New Year specialities at the Oriental group of restaurants (the non-halal side).

Tong Sui with peach gum, lotus seeds and longan

The set menus range from RM198, RM248 and RM298 per person to RM1,688 to RM2988, RM3588 and RM4988 per table of 10.

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