Curate’s festive feast for buka puasa

Cik Putri’s Signature Nasi Ulam stall catches the eye as soon as you approach the the buka puasa spread at Curate in Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. I liked her nasi ulam last year and was happy to have it again – the traditional nasi ulam, and the one with black truffle and minced beef. “Traditional” gets me each time with all its fragrant herbs and roots finely cut and stirred up with the rice.

Cik Putri’s Signature Nasi Ulam, one traditional and another with black truffle and minced beef — a  must have at Curate’s festive feast

The seafood draws attention too. There are the delicious plump scallops steamed with sohoon and chilli, Chinese style. The fresh scallops are sweet, with the sohoon soaking up their juices. Go for the oysters, particularly the Baked Oysters with Garlic Butter. You could fill up easily and delightfully with these.  We couldn’t resist the chilled Slipper Lobsters served with different sauces.

Steamed Scallops with Sohoon — irresistible

Luscious Crab Curry

Stirfried mud crab with spices in butter sauce and the Kerala crab curry with young mango are star attractions too. Still on seafood, the Udang masak sambal belacan had two at our table relishing two big udang galah each.

Indulge in these meaty udang galah fried in sambal belecan

Slipper lobsters and sauces to go with them

The sweet desserts for the breaking of fast is a wide selection. You could begin with the panna cotta in a small glass, gulab jamun, mille feuille with cream, churros, banana fritters and Malay kuih like kuih bakar, kuih kosooi and serimuka, among others. There is an apam balik stall that

Smoked Beef Brisket, right and everything to go with it

On the meat side, the smoked beef brisket is simply lovely, with the sauces, cabbage pickles and roasted potato wedges to go with it. Chicken rice has a has a Middle Eastern feel, with the roasted chicken piled on a doner kebab skewer.

Roasted lamb with nasi briyani

Roasted lamb is accompanied by briyani rice. It’s always worthwhile exploring the Indian side, for the cuttlefish tikka, lamb vindaloo and Kashmiri pulao rice. For Thai dishes, there is a stall frying Pad Thai, some Thai dishes like Gaeyang Nam Prik (chicken marinated with chilli paste) are on the buffet.

Pick of the ingredients for Curry Laksa at Curate

Make your own curry laksa or soup noodles, choosing the noodles and the toppings you would like on it. There’s Chicken Rice, with the roasts chicken stacked up on a vertical skewer like doner kebab.

Kuih Kosooi and Kuih Bakar

Local salads on the buffet include Kerabu beansprouts with grilled squid, Salada ayam bumbu Bali and kerabu daging, among others.

The Festive Feast at Curate from now till April 9 is RM318+ for adults and and Rm159+ for children. For reservations, call 03 2382 8888 or email

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