Betawi, Indonesian food to favour

Betawi Indonesian Cuisine in TDDI caught my eye when it was only a week old. I have always loved Indonesian food for its diversity, gentle nuances and its different use of spices and marinades.

Lumpia Bebek or duck

Lumpia Sayur

Poring over is menu we encountered familiar dishes but we were also keen  to venture into the unfamiliar ones.

So it was Lumpia Bebek and Lumpia Sayur for starters, then Ikan Bobor Bayam, Igar Bakar Nasi Bakul, Pucuk Pakis Kalio, and that must-order Tahu Telor.

Tahu Telur

But Betawi’s Tahu Telur was different. Instead of a fluffy deepfried beancurd filled with vegetables and drizzled with sauce, we got a harder, beancurd piled with vegetables and sitting on a sweet spiced sauce. It was a house-made beancurd we were told. Past the “meaty” beancurd, we liked the sauce.

We started lunch with Lumpia Bebek and Lumpia Sayur, served with a peanut dip and tangy sambal. The lumpia or popiah was delicious. I bit into a fine crispy skin, and moist shredded duck, stewed Sumatran style. Lumpia Sayur was tasty too, lifted up by the nutty, fragrant dip.

Ikan Bobor Bayam

Ikan Bobor Bayam is fried tilapia fish fillet on coconut milk and spinach topped with sambal matah and crispy sweet potato.  I enjoyed this unusual fish dish. The fried fish fillet sat on a lightly sweet and spiced coconut sauce, with chilli heat from the sambal matah (a Balinese raw sambal). Crispy thin slices of purple and yellow sweet potato were piled on top of the fish.

Iga Bakar Nasi Bakul

Iga Bakar Nasi Bakul has nasi uduk (steamed rice in coconut milk), topped with braised beef ribs and presented in a basket lined with banana leaves. The dark ribs had been marinated in kicap manis and spices before the braising. A perky sambal and lime juice give the finishing touch to the rice. The sticky, caramelised tender ribs, tasted quite good with the sambal and rice. The rice is for 2 to 3 pax, and 5 of us couldn’t finish it.

Pucuk Pakis Kalio

Pucuk Pakis Kalio had deepfried pucuk paku in a soupy Indonesian rendang sauce, and topped with fried shallots. It’s quite a departure from the usual vegetable dishes. So we had crispy paku combined with the sauteed ones in the delicious sauce.

Foir different types of sambal

We were offered four sambal to try – Terasi, Balado Hijau, Sambal Gorek and Sambal Mbeq, each with its own level of chilli heat and nuances.

Panna Cotta with Gula Jawa


Dessert was the Indonesian Panna Cotta or som som, as they call it. It’s a smooth rice jelly topped with fruits and gula jawa.

The drinks menu caught our eye too. I was happy with my traditional Indonesian drink of Bir Pletok, pleasantly spiced and lightly sweet. There was also the Soda Mangga Naga, with mango, dragonfruit, ice cream and sago.

The vegetable dishes are priced from RM15, the lumpia is RM12 for the duck, and RM9 for the vegetable one. Iga Bakar Nasi Bakul is RM80, Ikan Bobor Bayam is RM40.

Betawi Indonesian Cuisine is at 31 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, tel: 017 419 1210.






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