Year of the Rat — what is in store

It’s the Year of the Rat, the first of 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. At the Institute of Tao Studies recently, Dr Geraldine Goh,  Tao scholar and founder of the Institute since 1987 and a leading health advocate gave a talk on the To Way to turn on the auspicious and prosperous flow of qi in the Uear of the Rat.

She was assisted by Lim Meng Siang, a long-time Tao advocate who holds a senior position in the banking industry. Lim has been deeply involved in Tao studies and teaches courses at the Institute in his spare time.

Here he gives an account of what the Year of the Rat brings for those born under each animal sign. It’s a good year for the Ox, Goat, Rabbit and Rooster.


The Rat is ruled by Tai Sui or the Minister in charge for the year. There will be challenges to overcome and some setbacks too. There are more responsibilities to shoulder but if you rise to the challenge you will have support from Tai Sui. Be courageous, have faith. In overcoming the challenges you will become a stronger person.

On the plus side you will have leadership qualities, confidence and courage to act because of the General star. There will be hidden benefactors to assist you indirectly.

Wear a Jade Dragon to attract prosperity and Jade Ox to attract the Guiding Angel, and a Ba Gua bracelet.


It’s a good year for the Ox who will have help from lots of Guiding Angels. Male Ox will benefit more. He will have leadership qualities and outstanding achievements.  If you need help try to get it from male benefactors.

The Ox will tend to misplace things or lose his belongings. There may be missed opportunities with work projects and deals.

Wear a Jade Rooster to attract hidden prosperity and get rid of the tendency to misplace things and missed opportunities.  Wear a Jade Goat to attract Guiding Angel.


The Tiger will have a hectic year. He will have to move about a lot, but in doing o he will encounter opportunities. In order to progress, be more active and meet more people and be exposed to good opportunities. It’s a good year for the Tiger. Seek advice from good people around you.. The Intellect Guiding Angel is in your stars. Ask for help and you will be advised on how best to go about things.

The Tiger may feel lonely. Avoid yin places like hospitals, and avoid funerals. Wear a Jade Monkey for prosperity and Ba Gua bracelet.


The Rabbit will have it good this year. The female Rabbit will benefit more.  For the single, she may meet her soulmate this year. It’s a good time to get married. However, relationships with immediate family members may not be so smooth. There will be backbiting and gossip. Just be mindful and deal with it tactfully.

Do a Harmony Box setting using a round metal box with a woven snail in it.  For smoother family ties put a small box in a bigger box with a snail in it.


For the Dragon, it’s time to show your talents as it’s the year for people to recognise it. Be careful with legal matters and when handling legal documents. Be mindful of the law and regulations. Do not speed or park illegally as you may get a summons.  Be wary of back biting and gossip.

Wear a Jade Rat to attract prosperity and the Ba Gua bracelet for a smoother year.


Certain things will come to an end for the Snake this year. So it’s a good time to get rid of a bad relationship, bad ideas and thoughts. Be proactive about this. Beware of losing your belongings. You may be complained about but stay calm and cool about this. There’s hidden prosperity. If you have accumulated good deeds it will help in getting rid of negative influences.  If not, it’s time to do good and reap benefits from it.

Wear a Jade Cicada so that good thing won’t come to an end. Wear a Ba Gua bracelet.


The Horse has many Guiding Angels or benefactors who will step in and help you in matters of career, authority and fortune. All you have to do is ask in times of need. Good fortune comes your way with these special Guiding Angels. The Horse is positioned against the Tai Sui this year, so try not to make major decisions and keep a low profile. Expect challenges and obstacles to overcome. You may feel despair and sadness but Guiding Angels will come to the rescue if you mingle more with people.

Wear a Jade Goat to attract Guiding Angel and avoid clashing with Tai Sui. Wear a Ba Gua bracelet.


Good luck comes in the way of the Goat.  It’s time to seize on opportunities; strike while the iron is hot . If you have an idea, take action and do not stay still. You attract Guiding Angels/benefactors to help you out. All you have to do is to ask for help from them. There may be some missed opportunities and poor health this year. But help will come your way.

Wear a Jade Ox to attract Guiding Angel and Jade Rooster to attract prosperity.


The Monkey will have money luck and prosperity. Just be focused and hardworking and there will be monetary reward for your efforts. He has to be careful of physical injury, so extreme sports and dangerous activities are out for him. Be careful with sharp objects that may injure him.

Carry a Jade Chi Lin and Jade Rooster to avoid injury. Wear a Ba Gua bracelet


Luck is in for the Rooster this year. It’s time to accumulate good deeds. If you have done so in the past it will help you this year to chase away negative vibes. There will be happy events and celebrations for the Rooster. He has Peach Blossom luck. Try and use this in a good way so that people will listen to you. It may help you to increase sales and success in getting projects.  Be careful of injury from sharp objects.  There is a tendency to worry unnecessarily.

Do a Harmony Box setting with a snail in it to manage Peach Blossom luck. Wear a Jade Goat to attract Guiding Angel and Prosperity.


The Dog may encounter mature benefactors to guide him in acquiring a specialised skill. There may be ups and downs emotionally for him as he experiences relationships that are not sincere.  There may be feelings of loneliness. However, problems can be resolved.  Stay away from yin places like hospitals and try not to attend funerals. Avoid looking at eclipses.

Wear a Jade Monkey to attract prosperity and a Ba Gua  bracelet.


It’s an average year for The Pig.  He has to be mindful of his health as he is prone to illness this year.  The Pig is endowed with wisdom to make good decisions and take informed action.  For those studying, they will excel and do well in exams.

Display a Wen Chang brush (Chinese brush) in the house. Carry a Jade Goat to attract the Guiding Angel.






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