Year of the Pig — What’s in the stars for you

The Rat, Dragon, Horse and Monkey will have the best year while the Pig, Ox, Snake and Dog will have to overcome some challenges in the coming year. Here’s what’s in the stars for the 12 animals in the Ji Hai Year or Year of the Pig was put together by the International Institute of Tao Studies under the leadership of its founder Dr Geraldine Goh.

The Institute holds regular classes on the Six Skills of Tao – Myth, Siang (Appearance), Pu (Oracle), Min (Fate), Yin (Medicine) and San (Mountain). These cover Appearance Analysis and Fengshui, I-Ching Application, Zi Wei Numerology, Foot Reflexology and Lead-in Longevity Exercises


Rat has Tai Yang, a big positive star which will be good for him. Tai Yang helps with career and benefits the male. The Peach Blossom star will shine on the female Rat which could mean good relationship with contacts for business or career if handled well. If not it could mean distraction with the opposite sex. It will be good for those working in sales and entertainment. Rat also has a Guiding Angel star which will amplify the good things, and also help from people when needed. There may be some shock and worry but Tai Yang will manage it. Wear a jade monkey or dragon to attract the Guiding Angel.


The Ox should avoid Yin places such as hospitals and avoid going to funerals. There may be some unexpected injury because of the Flying Knife star. On a positive note, the Ox has the Hidden Guiding Angel star to help him or her through the year. The Ox should wear a  jade rat to reap the benefits of the Guiding Angel.


It’s quite a good year for the Tiger. The Moon star will benefit the female Tiger who may show some unique talent. The Happiness star means celebration for the Tiger as he or she will take part in happy events. The Guiding Angel star will help in career matters and a promotion may be in order. There’s job security. However the Tiger may feel restricted and there may be conflict and miscommunication. He may feel lonely. Wear a jade horse to attract prosperity.


The Rabbit has to be careful as there is a Legal Mark star and there may be unexpected legal issues. Abide by the law, observe traffic rules and be meticulous before signing any legal documents. The Five Ghosts star can have both positive negative influences. The Rabbit may have to deal with petty people who may make life difficult for him or her. If managed well, the star may bring wealth to the Rabbit. The Jiang Xing star will endow the Rabbit with courage to take action and do what he has always wanted. Wear the jade goat to attract hidden wealth and prosperity.


Dragon has the Death Mark star which means certain things will come to an end. It could be a bad relationship or you could decide to get out of an unhappy job. Just make sure the good things stay. Dragon has outstanding achievement with the Pan An star. If you think you have something good in hand, see it through. The Red Bird star means good personal relationships. Those who are single can find their ideal partner while for those married their relationship will become better. The Dragon may incur small losses but with the Guiding Angel star he may encounter people who will assist him. The Moon Virtue star will dissolve negative influences. Wear a jade horse for prosperity.


It’s a challenging year for the Snake. The Sui Po star opposes the Tai Sui or Minister in charge of the year. Things are not smooth: just lie low and do not make big decisions. Spend wisely or else there may be a big outflow of money. There may be obstacles in his path with the Lan Gan star. The Horse star means the Snake will be extremely busy. However, he has also the Hidden Guiding Angel star which will help him out. Wear a jade goat for prosperity and jade monkey to attract the Guiding Angel.


The Horse has the Dragon Virtue star which brings success to new projects. It’s time to create activity to reap the benefits of this star. The Horse also has the Current Prosperity star which means money will flow in. If he works hard he will be rewarded handsomely. The Intellect Guiding Angel star will bless the Horse with wisdom. There will be people to assist him with good advice for success in his projects. There may be conflict with relatives. He may experience a sudden loss and minor accidents but the Dragon Virtue star will lessen the impact. Wear a dragon jade to attract the Guiding Angel.


Goat has to be careful of physical injury with the White Tiger star in his orbit. Stay away from extreme sports, be careful of sharp objects and take care with driving. The Goat can be emotionally affected. However, he will exhibit some sort of talent this year with the Hua Ga. He has the Hidden Prosperity star, as well as the Heaven Seal GA which will bring blessings to him. Help is on hand for him to gain authority. The Goat should wear a jade kirin to manage the White Tiger, as well as a jade rooster.


The Monkey has the Fortune Virtue star which will help him dissolve negative stars. If he has accumulated good deeds in the past, he will be enjoying their benefits now. The Heaven Virtue star will bestow more blessings, including a smooth sailing year. The Monkey has Guiding Angel luck which will help in overcoming any challenges in his path. The Golden Truck star in his chart means recognition, position and money.  There may be some dissatisfaction and gossip and the Monkey should be careful of snatch theft. Wear a jade horse for the Guiding Angel.


The Rooster will have wisdom and be good at studying, with the Current Intellect star in his chart. The Literate Guiding Angel star brings with it literal skills, and the Rooster will be more eloquent and be inspired to write well. However, he will be advised not to go to Yin places like hospitals or attend funerals. Do not watch an eclipse. He may be accident prone, so be more careful.  Wear a rat and monkey jade to attract the Guiding Angel.


The Dog has the Tian Xi star  which means happiness and opportunities to celebrate and enjoy himself. He must not isolate himself from others though he may feel unsettled all the time and wish to be by himself. There may be illness so take care of your health. Wear a tiger jade to attract wealth.


The Pig must not make any major decisions or moves this year as his path is not smooth. If you have to, go through an intermediary. Be careful of sharp objects. He may experience ups and downs and it will be hard to find his footing. Don’t go to Yin places like hospitals or any place where there is blood, such as at wet markets.  Take the path of kindness and accumulate good deeds. The Pig has the Jie Shen star which will dissolve all problems. Wear a horse jade for money and dragon for the Guiding Angel.

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