What the Year of the Dog holds for you

The Goat will experience the best Year of the Dog, while the Snake, Ox, Monkey and Pig will have it good in different ways. The forecast for each animal for the Wu Xu Year or Year of the Dog was put together by the International Institute of Tao Studies Malaysia under the leadership of its founder Dr Geraldine Goh.

The Tai Sui Card, left, and Guiding Angel Card

The Tai Sui Card, left, and Guiding Angel Card for Year of the Dog

For those affected by negative stars in their chart, the Tao way is to carry a Tai Sui card to ease conflict with Tai Sui or Minister in charge of the Year of the Dog. Those not affected will receive support and blessings if they carry the card too. The Guiding Angel Card wlll help break bottlenecks and aid in new pursuits, while the smooth sailing bracelet will help smoothen the path for you through the year.

Smooth Sailing Beads fr a smooth year. There is a number on the main bead which changes with the year

Smooth Sailing Beads fr a smooth year. There is a number on the main bead which changes with the year

They can be obtained through the Tao Institute (contact Sue Tan at +6011 1212 3381). It also publishes the almanac, a useful calendar guide if you need a marriage date, day to renovate your house, open a new business, etc.. The Institute holds regular classes on the Six Skills of Tao – Myth, Siang (Appearance), Pu (Oracle), Min (Fate), Yin (Medicine) and San (Mountain). These cover Appearance Analysis and Fengshui, I-Ching Application, Zi Wei Numerology, Foot Reflexology and  Lead-in Longevity Exercises.


It’s  a challenging year for the Rat. There may be quarrels and conflict but these problems will eventually be solved.  He or she will experience ups and down in their emotions.  The Rat is disaster-prone and should beware of sharp objects which can cause injury. Stay away from yin places like hospitals and funerals.  If you want your problems solved,  pray in your church or temple. A good star Ji Shen will help dissolve some of the negative effects. The Rat should carry the Tai Sui card, Guiding Angel and Dragon-Tiger cards to break through bottlenecks.


The Ox will have Guiding Angel luck this year and any minor problems can be dissolved.  There will be help should there be obstacles in his path. The Ox also has the Tai Yin or Moon Star casting its positive, beneficial effects. The Ox  should  have a Tai Sui card and carry a Jade Rooster for prosperity  and a Jade Goat to attract the Guiding Angel.


The Tiger is in conflict with the Dog and tends to be at the mercy of his enemies. There will be petty back-biting and sudden problems may appear. Stay on the right side of the law, do not speed or beat the lights and attract summons. Be extra careful when signing legal documents or contracts. The Tiger should carry a Tai Sui card, Guiding Angel and Dragon-Tiger cards. Wear a smooth-sailing bracelet to dissolve problems.


Rabbit has a Death Mark star which means certain things will come to an end – a relationship, a contract or a job. But there’s the good Moon Virtue star to the rescue. There is also a Guiding Angel  star to lend support. The Rabbit will hav Peach Blossom luck, which works in favour of you if you are a public figure or in showbiz where you have a following. But it can also mean outside romances which can cause problems in your marriage or long-term relationship.  The Rabbit should carry a Jade Cicada to manage the Death Mark. He or she should also have a Tai Sui card, Guiding Angel and Dragon-Tiger cards.


The Dragon is directly hitting Tai Sui or the minister in charge of the year. It’s advisable not to move house or make career moves.  A big sum of money may need to be spent and he may encounter obstacles.  The Dragon may experience an unusual romance which will be brief.  There is a Happiness star to help with his problems.  Carry a Tai Sui card, Guiding Angel and Dragon-Tiger cards. Wear a Smooth-Sailing bracelet and carry a Jade Horse to attract wealth and Jade Rabbit to harmonise with Tai Sui.


Positive energy radiates from the Snake who is endowed with the ability to make money. He can start a new business, but to succeed get your facts right and do not be aggressive. The Dragon Virtue star will turn influences from bad stars into good ones. If you are looking for a spouse, this is the right time to do so as the Red Bird star will attract the right suitor.  Carry the Tai Sui card, Guiding Angel and Dragon-Tiger cards and wear a smooth-sailing bracelet.


The Horse will do well at work as he has the “General” star shining on him. He will be imbued with courage and gets moving with new projects.  He has to be cautious with the White Tiger star in his midst as he can be accident prone.  Avoid dangerous sports. He is also susceptible to knife injury.  Do not watch any eclipse. Carry a Tai Sui card, a Jade Kirin or Jade Rooster to manage the White Tiger and Jade Dragon to attract wealth.


The Goat exudes positive energy, with 5 big good stars shining on him.  With the Fortune Virtue star, he will reap the benefits of good deeds accumulated in the past year.  There will be people helping him in his career and projects and he can do well. The Guiding Angel will help him manage any issues encountered.  The Goat will attract wealth and will be recognised for an outstanding achievement. Carry a Jade Ox to attract the Guiding Angel and the Tai Sui Card as well.


Opportunities come to the Monkey, with good stars going for him. He is blessed with wisdom and intellect and he will go far.  If he needs authority in his work, he will get it, with the Guiding Angel helping him. He will excel in all things intellectual.  The Monkey may feel lonely back home. He should not go to yin places like hospitals and funerals and avoid seeing the eclipse. He should carry a Tai Sui card, and a Jade Snake to attract prosperity.


The Rooster has to take care of his health. He has to beware of harming relationship with his family, such as parents, siblings and relatives. There are challenges, so exercise patience. Do not go to yin places like hospitals and funerals. The Rooster needs a Tai Sui card and the Guiding Angel card. Carry a Jade Ox to attract prosperity. Wear a smooth sailing bracelet too.


The Dog is sitting on Tai Sui.  He should not make major decisions this year. As a leader he will have added responsibilities and pressure and he may feel lonely. Be careful of physical injury. However, the Dog has the Talent Star shining on him, so he may show his talent in painting, singing and the arts. Carry a Tai Sui card, also the Guiding Angel card. Wear the smooth sailing bracelet.


The Pig will perform well in his career. There will be lots of celebrations, whether organised by you or invited to by friends.  Relationship with subordinates at work or with children is not so smooth. There may be complaints about you. You may misplace things. Be careful of snatch theft and your own security. On the plus side there is a Tai Yang Star that will dissolve any bad influences. Carry a Tai Sui Card; wear a Jade Goat to attract the Guiding Angel.

Visit also the website of International Institute of Tao Studies: gtao.gardenoftao.com.my, email ggiiigoh82@gmail.com

The Almanac for Year of the Dog. It's a useful calendar guide if you need a good date for main events dog 3


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