What’s in store in the Year of the Rooster

TAO scholar Geraldine Goh examines the stars that come into place for each animal year, what it means and the Tao ways to enhance your luck or overcome obstacles. It involves carrying a Tai Sui (Minister in charge) card, wearing a bracelet of smooth sailing beads (calculated to your birth date) or jade animals, among others.

The Horse, Dog and Dragon are in for the best Year of the Rooster. Challenging times are ahead for the Rabbit, Goat and the Snake.

The Rat

The Rat has Tai Yin or Happiness star in his chart, so it’s quite a smooth year for him as it will dissolve the bad stars. It is especially good for the female Rat. Try not to argue with anyone in the family, even your pets. There will be lots of celebrations and invitations. Wear a jade Ox for mountain water and harmonising with Tai Sui and a jade horse to bring in wealth.

The Ox

The Ox will discover a special talent such as singing or an artistic talent with the Hua Gai star in his chart. He can take pride in this extraordinary skill but he may feel lonely as not everyone appreciates this talent. Try to stay out of quarrels; avoid summons and scandal. The Ox has the Mountain Backing star which will help him overcome problems and the Jie Shen star will help dissolve them too. Be careful of handling sharp objects. Wear smooth sailing beads, horse and rat jade.

The Tiger

Tiger has the Moon Virtue star which brings in prosperity and a smooth and peaceful year. Certain things come to a dying cycle but work to stay the good ones while letting the bad die off. There may be a small loss so be on your guard to prevent it. Wear a cicada jade to keep what’s good, whether a job or position. For prosperity wear a dog jade as the Dog and the Tiger will bring in the Horse (prosperity).

The Rabbit

It’s a challenging year for the Rabbit who is directly hitting the Tai Sui. Be very conservative and take precautions as there may be a loss or leakage of money. There may be sudden expenses, even trickery. It is better to prevent this by donating to charity and spending on your parents, children and other members of the family. For prosperity wear a jade horse, and a jade dragon to harmonise with Tai Sui.


The Dragon

The Dragon fares well this year as it as the Dragon Virtue star which brings in prosperity, position, competence, progress and a smooth sailing year.  He has wisdom through the Intellect Guiding Angel. There will be people helping him with his problems and ease the way for him. Here’s the year to seize any opportunity that comes his way. Wear a jade monkey or rooster to manage the minor bad stars and a jade horse to attract wealth.

The Snake

The Snake has to be patient this year as he confronts challenges. There may be gossip and uncomfortable situations to deal with but keep a low profile and ride them out. Be careful of sharp objects. Wear a rooster jade or put it in your house to harmonise with the Snake and improve your luck.

The Horse

The Horse has the Fortune Virtue and Heaven Virtue stars which endow him with prosperity, wisdom, a smooth path and generally good fortune. Those who have accumulated good deeds will reap more. The single Horse can get a partner this year and marriage may be on the cards. There is also the Peach Blossom star which is good for entertainers and performers seeking popularity. Here may be gossip, but it’s not going to be a problem. Wear a dragon jade for dragon-horse spirit.

The Goat

The Goat will have a challenging year but with patience he will see it through. Try to avoid going to “yin” places like hospitals and wakes. Avoid watching eclipse of the sun or moon and be careful of sharp objects as you may get cuts. Wear smooth sailing beads, carry a Tai Sui card and wear a jade snake to clip the Horse “lu” or prosperity.

The Monkey

The Monkey has the Golden Truck star which means he will rise up to a position. But he has to avoid being impulsive and inviting problems. He has to take care of his health by eating a balanced diet so as not to fall sick. It’s not so bad for the Monkey. Wear a horse jade to bring in prosperity.

The Rooster

The Rooster is sitting on Tai Sui but there are a lot of Guiding Angels to help him manage the year. The Rooster is blessed with competency in his job, wisdom and lots of opportunities to do well in his career. Manage these well and he will get to the next level. He will be busy with a lot of work but money flows in. Wear a jade horse for prosperity and a jade pig.


The Dog

The Dog will have a very good year. The Tai Yang star gives him leadership qualities while the Pan An star strengthens his competency. He can do whatever he wants and big achievements are in store. However, he may encounter some loss of money. Wear a jade horse to harmonise with Dog and bring in money.

The Pig

There will be lots of changes for the Pig who can turn them into opportunities. Create your own changes, such as changing your phone, car or even hairstyle. He will have lot of Guiding Angels or people to help him if he encounters problems. There may be trouble with his boss or subordinate as vertical relationships may not be so good. Try not to go to “yin” places. Wear a jade rooster for more Guiding Angels, a jade horse for money and smooth sailing beads.

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