What to expect for each animal in the Year of the Monkey

Geraldine Goh

Fengshui master Geraldine Goh

Those born in these animal years will fare the best in the Year of the Monkey – the Rabbit, Snake, Rooster and Pig.


The Rat has lots of guiding angels to help him achieve his goals and position. He can depend on people to guide and lead him. He has the courage to do and implement things.  But he may encounter sudden problems. Be careful and don’t break the law, for instance, jumping lights or illegal parking.

But he has the Water Nourishment Star and he will benefit positively from it.



The Ox will be involved in a lot of celebrations. His relationship with people is very good. He has the Moon Virtue Star which will dissolve anything bad. His career and money luck are good. There may be a small loss. There is the Death Mark Star which means something comes to the end of the cycle. It can make bad things end but pray for good things to continue. The Ox has some water content which is good, as this year lacks water.



The Tiger has to cope with a lot of changes this year. The Sui Po Star rises against Tai Sui or the minister in charge of the year. There may be a big loss. Beware of anything sharp. However, there is a good star that will bring about dissolution of problems. Stay still and do not initiate any major changes. There will be opportunities for travel for the Tiger.




Rabbit has the Dragon Virtue Star which will bring good fortune and dissolve anything that’s bad. He has leadership and his career will be good. He can initiate new projects with success, with the Guiding Angel Star helping him. He will enjoy prosperity. However, his relationship with his family and relatives will not be harmonious.



The Dragon has the Hua Gai which is the talent star. He will discover a very special talent this year which he should make use of. He has to be careful of anything sharp and he can be prone to accidents. The Dragon has water content which should render some positive effects.




Snake has the Fortune Virtue Star which will take care of problems. If he has accumulated lots of good deeds in the past, now is the time to reap the benefits. He has prosperity and there will be opportunities to make money. The Snake has to be careful of gossip and back biting. Pay no attention to all this. Just do what is right. Beware of snatch theft.



The Horse faces challenges. He has to be careful with sharp objects as he can be accident prone. He may also encounter emotional hurt. Try not to visit yin places like hospitals, attend funerals or watch any eclipses.




The Goat has the Red Bird Star which means his chances are high about finding the right partner and be in a harmonious relationship. He has the Guiding Angel Star to help him attain position at work and be treated well. Money will come in but he has to be careful of his health. The Goat tends to keep to himself and not want to get involved.



The Monkey has hidden prosperity. He is good in literary and cultural fields. The very clever Monkey will excel in examinations and may get an award. He may have some difficulties but as long as he is firm and focused he will see the year through, with improvement. Don’t go to places with blood, such as wet markets. It would be good for him to fast or be vegetarian for a week.




The Rooster will have leadership as he is Guiding Angel to other people. His career will be good and he will make money. It will be easy for him to get help. However the Rooster has the Peach Blossom Star and may get into a relationship that will not last. He may also encounter sudden loss.



The Dog has a lot of Guiding Angels helping him and he can also be a benefactor to others. He gets help easily in solving problems. He may get emotional and moody but there are no serious problems for him. The Dog should avoid places with negative energy such as hospitals, and should not attend funerals.



The Pig has the Tai Yin Star which means his career is good and things flow smoothly. He may have difficulty communicating with seniors and superiors, or it could be with parents. The Pig can be bold in his actions but be careful as being too aggressive can give rise to problems. The Pig has the Water Nourishment Star which is good. He will benefit more from female benefactors.

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