What the Year of the Ox brings for each animal sign

Every year a talk is held by the International Institute of Tao Studies in Kuala Lumpur on what Chinese New Year brings, and how to turn on the auspicious and prosperous flow of qi the Tao way.

This year Dr Geraldine Goh, Tao scholar and founder of the Institute, shared on Zoom the five approaches based on Tao Studies that are used to find out what the Year of the Ox will bring. These include Qi and Symbolic Implication of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, the Six Cylinder Theory, Numeric Implication and Theoretical Reasoning of Purple White Star, Implication of I-Ching Kua for the year and references from Zi Wei Numerology.

She was assisted by Lim Meng Siang, a Tao advocate who holds a senior position in the banking industry. Lim has been deeply involved in Tao studies and before the pandemic, taught courses at the Institute in his spare time.

Here he gives an account of what the Year of the Ox brings for those born under each animal sign.

It’s a good year for the Tiger, Dragon, Monkey, Dog and Pig.


Rat should look after his health and take preventive measures against falling sick. He may encounter relationship issues with immediate family members and close relatives. On the positive side, with the Current Intellect star in his sign, he can excel in studies, do well in exams and in any courses he’s studying for – a suitable year to pursue / deepen one’s studies

He should display a Wen Chang brush to attract wisdom,a smooth sailing bracelet and set up a double harmony box setting to improve his relationship luck this year.


Ox is sitting on the  Tai Sui, the minister in charge for the year. He will face challenges and setbacks and have to shoulder great responsibilities.  But with even greater responsibilities, with the Tai Sui as the support, he should not fear but leverage on it to take charge and win support.   He can also display hidden talents and showcase them and people will appreciate and admire his talents.

He should carry a Jade Snake to attract prosperity and wear a Ba Gua and smooth-sailing bracelets.


The male Tiger will benefit more from the Tai Yang star shining on him. There are benefactors to lend a helping hand if you seek advancement in your career, and other areas of life, with the Guiding Angel star.  The Tiger has positive relationship luck, singles may find their soul mates while those already attached may get married this year.  However, the Tiger may feel lonely. He is prone to lose his belongings, so he has to be mindful of his possessions this year.  He will likely receive more complaints and negative feedback.   Nevertheless, with the Tai Yang star, these negative effects can help to alleviate these negative effects.

Carry a jade horse to attract hidden guiding angel and a Guiding Angel card to attract benefactors into your life.  Set up a single harmony box setting to enhance one’s personal relationship luck.


The Rabbit will encounter obstacles and challenges this year. He should avoid going to Yin places and attending wakes and funerals. He should be careful when handling sharp objects and avoid participating in extreme sports / activities as he is prone to physical injuries.

The Rabbit should carry a jade dog to attract hidden Guiding Angel and wear a smooth sailing as well as Ba Gua bracelets. A Zhong Kuei picture will help manage bad stars and attract prosperity.


This year will benefit the female Dragons, and there will be benefactors to help the Dragon, especially female ones.  He may develop special skills and attract hidden wealth.  However, there may be quarrels and easily to get into disputes with others.  The Dragon may feel trapped or unable to progress at times and have sudden acute physical dangers.  Nevertheless, the Moon star will help him avoid influences from these negative stars.

He should wear a jade pig to attract hidden wealth, a Ba Gua bracelet and display a Zhong Kuei picture to manage the negative stars and attract prosperity


The Snake is blessed with Guiding Angels. You will gain authority and your career is on the upturn. Ask and you will receive help whenever you need it.  However, be careful when handling legal matters, whether in signing documents or contracts.  Pay particular attention to abide by any rules, laws and regulation this year.   It’s best to double-check before you do that. There may be gossip and back-biting, a feeling of sadness.

Wear a jade ox to attract prosperity and Ba Gua bracelet and display a Zhong Kuei picture to bring prosperity and manage the Legal Mark star.


It’s the year to get rid of bad habits / thoughts and what is not necessary in your life. Certain projects may come to an end.   There’s Peach Blossom luck which may be distracting in relationships but this is important if you are working in sales and marketing, or in entertainment as it draws people to you.  Moon Virtue and Guiding Angel stars bring positive vibes. There are benefactors around whom you can ask for help.  The will be some minor spending, you may worry unnecessarily and be prone to unexpected shocks.

Carry a jade cicada to manage the Death Mark and ensure things you value will not be taken away.  Set up a harmony box setting to enhance peach blossom luck in a positive manner.  Carry a smooth-sailing bracelet and Guiding Angel card to attract benefactors into your life.


Lie low and do not make major decisions this year as you are against the Tai Sui of the year.  There will be obstacles and challenges to overcome. Watch your expenditure as there will be lot of heavy spending. There’s a Hidden Guiding Angel , so seek out your benefactor and don’t hesitate to ask if you need help. Be open to good advice given to you.

Carry a jade horse to attract the hidden guiding angel and avoid clashes with Tai Sui, the minister in charge of the year.  Wear a Ba Gua and smooth-sailing bracelet, display a Zhong Kuei picture and pray to the full moon on every 15th day of the lunar month to minimise the impact of negative stars.


The Dragon Virtue star shines brightly for the Monkey, so to reap its benefits be active, work hard and effectively to create and grab opportunities. There will be some losses, missed opportunities and poor health but you will be able to pull through the year with the help of the Dragon Virtue star.  There will also be many cause for celebrations, so the Monkey has some events to attend and enjoy this year.

Carry a jade dog to attract prosperity and Hidden Guiding Angel.  Wear a smooth-sailing bracelet and display the Zhong Kuei picture to attract wealth and manage difficulties.


The Rooster has money luck this year and problems can be dissolved. Show courage and leadership and all be well. However, stay away from extreme sports / activities and beware of handling sharp objects. You may encounter people with ulterior motives as in relationships.  There will also be feelings of ups and downs.

Carry a jade kirin to manage the White Tiger, and jade pig to attract prosperity.  Display a Zhong Kuei picture to attract wealth and manage negative stars.


The Dog will have outstanding achievements in any project he engages in. There will be hidden benefactors to help you. If you have been accumulating good deeds, the benefits will enable you to reap its benefits and overcome challenges in your way. However, the Dog may be prone to physical injury so be careful when handling sharp objects. You may be the subject of gossip and feel lonely but the Fortune Virtue star will help you.

Carry the jade monkey to attract prosperity and Guiding Angel card to attract hidden benefactors to your life.  Display a Zhong Kuei picture to attract prosperity and manage negative stars


The Pig will have a hectic life, moving about a lot. However, by doing so, he will encounter many opportunities, which includes it accumulating wealth. There will be people to help him towards this goal and become street smart. It’s best for the Pig to avoid yin places like hospitals and not attend wakes or funerals unnecessarily.  Avoid watching the eclipse during this year so as not to take in negative energies from it.

Carry a jade rooster to bring in wealth, smooth-sailing bracelet and Guiding Angel card to attract benefactors luck.  Display a Zhong Kuei picture to attract wealth and manage negative stars.












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