Two Is a Family’ (‘Demain tout commence’)

THIS is a weeper of a movie, as proven by the numerous sobs and tears shed at the recent screening for Le French Festival 2018.

Two is a Family, a remake of the 2013 Spanish-language dramedy Instructions Not Included, is as much a crowd-pleaser as the original movie.

The 2016 French movie sees Intouchables’ Omar Sy in the lead as French Casanova man Samuel who is left holding a baby after a one-night stand.

Shot in the south of France, the scenes of frolick and fun on yachts, boats and beach is so pretty, that they add that joie de vivre to not just Samuel’s grin but also the pathos of a baby abandoned!

So, Samuel thinks he can easily give the baby back to the British mum (played by ClémencePoésy of a Harry Potter movie fame), and return to his delightful life, all in one day.

He gets much help in his endeavour from the women he has “dated”.

Gloria Colston (left) with Omar Sy

Gloria Colston (left) with Omar Sy

But alas, his plan goes awry, but at least we meet an interesting character Bernie (Quebec actor Antoine Bertrand) who sees stuntman potential in Samuel.

In minutes, Samuel has a terrific career in a hit of a television series. Ah, the power of cinema!

And guess who plays his double in the series? His own stunt double!

Meanwhile, the baby is now 8 years old, and a very clever Gloria (Gloria Colston).

Samuel, who still hasn’t learnt English by the way, has made her life an adventure, and used her mother’s dormant Facebook page to create a fictitious life for the daughter’s sake.

But she returns one day. And wants her daughter back. Bit far-fetched that, after 8 years gallivanting somewhere but this is the movies, where you can leave your thinking cap outside the hall for a while.

It’s a sweet story, aided by the chemistry between  little Colston and the 1.9-metre tall Sy.

You must excuse the little co-star’s American accent when she speaks in English, for Gloria’s dad is American DJ Lord Jazz, a member of the Lords of the Underground, and she is also a deejay!

But all this is just the dressing for the whopper plot twist to come. That’s when the tissues come handy!

If you are looking to release some emotional stress, Two is a Family is worth the effort. The movie is part of the LFF 2018 which is currently on at GSC cinemas in Pavilion KL, Mid Valley Megamall, and 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

The film festival runs at GSC Gurney Plaza, Pulau Pinang from May 3-13, and GSC Paradigm Mall, Johor Baru, from May 10-13, before ending at GSC Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, from May 17-20.

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