Predictions for 2019? Maybe

Everyone loves a good list of predictions. Here’s mine for 2019:

1 Butoh will go big in the Chinese year of the pig, 2019! Why? Who knows about butoh in Malaysia, really, seriously? And, it will help if I take it up, or even Marion d”Cruz!!

2 Dr Mahathir will see 94 years.

3 There will be no tigers left in the wild, cos got no more forest, jungle, whatever in the peninsula of Malaysia.

4 No pygmy elephants left in Borneo, and they got no where to swim too… it’s an island, how to escape poachers and oil palm people.

5 Alcohol will be banned in Bangsar. Too near the mosque.

6 An Alvin movie will be appear in December. What is December without AALviiiin?

That’s it!

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