Musical theatre by theatrethreesixty — Lost/Found

When: Dec 13, 8.45pm until Dec 33, 3pm

Where: Lot’ng Arts Space, 32, 2,Jalan USJ 10/1e, Taipan Business Centre, Subang Jaya

Tickets: RM58/RM48

ADVISORY Mature content: Suitable for 13 years old and above, Parental guidance advised.

theatrethreesixty is proud to present the Kuala Lumpur premiere of a new musical theatre
production of LOST/FOUND. The production is setto premiere on the the13th of December
2019 till the 22nd of December 2019 for 7 performances at Lot’ng Arts Space, Subang Jaya,
Four young people await their commencement ceremony. With them, their hopes, their struggles
and their fears. A relationship mapped, turn by turn, by a lone voice. A father is desperately
looking for his lost daughter. Yet, more revelations are to be found in the mall they’re lost in.
Two souls, trapped, far from each other, yearn for freedom. But deliverance is in days gone by,
and they’re among the left behind.
When ask about what inspires director Christopher Ling to work on this new production, he states
‘I have always admired Nick Choo’s mini musicals from afar, never having had the chance to
direct them. That is until this production of LOST/FOUND. Not only have I had the awesome
chance to reconceptualize an entire outing of these musicals but am also premiering a new one.”
LOST/FOUND is a roller-coaster of emotions – at once side splitting, sometimes tragic yet full of
energy, featuring Gabriel Tham, Alia Kearney, Natalie Makulin and Tria Aziz with choreography
by Kenny Shim. Written and composed by musical theatre powerhouse Nick Choo and directed
by theatrethreesixty’s award-winning director Christopher Ling, LOST/FOUND premieres first in
Kuching before touring to Johor Baru and Kuala Lumpur this December.

*** Photo courtesy of theatrethreesixty/JEE

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