Indie rockers from India set for Malaysia

Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival (MILFF2017)

When: Sept 9, 5.30pm onwards

Where: StarXpo Centre, KWC Fashion Mall, KL

Admission: From RM146.05

Visit Call Mojo Projects at 012-200 0505 or 017-326 5852

Although independent music isn’t as popular as music from India’s cinema, the bands are ready to entertain and give the audience a good time.

This second MILFF by Mojo Projects will see Agam, Aalaap Raju, Jatayu featuring Sooraj Santosh, Sid Sriram & band, and Vijay Prakash with ARB band on stage.

Vijay Prakash

Vijay Prakash

Vijay, best known for singing Jai Ho in Slumdog Millionaire, will perform recent chartbusters, including Kadhal Anukkal (in the movie Enthiran).

  1. You will be performing with ARB band. Please tell us what songs
    Malaysia can expect from your show?

    Vijay: Aalap Raju is a dear friend of mine and an amazing musician. I am super
    excited to perform with him, that  too in Malaysia, because this is the
    first time I am performing with him and his band. We have already
    started rehearsing and we have some exciting numbers coming for the
    Malaysian audience. Some of them will be original hit songs that I have
    sung Hosanna, Innum Konjam Neram etc. Apart from that, we are also doing
    1 or 2 experimental fusion pieces as it is an International Music
    Festival, and in Malaysia we are very sure that we are gonna have an
    amazing musical audience to perform to.

    Q: You compose as well as sing. Which do you enjoy the most today?

    Vijay: I personally feel every singer is a composer and every composer is a
    singer. It’s a very natural phenomena in every musician. Having said
    that, yes I have composed in the past but currently my singing
    projects keep me busy and I am very happy doing that — so I don’t see
    composing in the near future  but I will be doing some of own singles
    which I will be composing & singing. In fact I have just released one of
    my singles called “Kaynaat” which is doing very well that is composed
    & sung by me.

    Q: Not every artiste (singer) can compose. Was it difficult for you?

    Vijay: As I said earlier in the last question I feel it’s a very organic thing
    for every singer to be a composer and every composer to be a singer. Of
    course technically  few can actually communicate what they compose and
    few probably struggle little bit doing that, but nevertheless  every
    artist is a composer even if it’s a guitarist or a tabla player, drum
    player or a piano player — everybody has a very natural flavour for
    composing but very few execute it  or realise  that they can
    compose. Composing  I think is a god-given talent to every musician.

    Q: Are there any Malaysian musicians you want to collaborate with?

    Vijay: Yes I would love to collaborate  with musicians from Malaysia. And I
    know there are some fabulous musicians out there who are doing great
    work. In fact recently I did work on a song with a composer from
    Malaysia — we worked 2 songs till now and it has received
    a very good response from audiences all over. I will be looking forward
    to many such collaborations with many artistes  from Malaysia.

    Q: Are you yourself looking forward to the bands lined up for the
    Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival 2017?

    Vijay: I will be performing and I will also be in the audience to get the
    feel of this festival. I think it’s an incredible festival bringing in
    some of the fantastic musicians and singers and putting them together.
    All this collaborations are gonna be very exciting musically for
    musicians  and as well as music lovers so this festival itself is
    gonna be an experience for me not just as a singer but also as an
    audience member witnessing the festival.

Q: You have worked with A.R. Rahman many times. What was the biggest
lesson you had from him?

Vijay: As a kid when I heard Roja for the first time I realised that AR
Rahman was a musical genius.  I thought that, just once if I could shake
my hands with him I will be blessed. Now when I look back, I feel very
lucky that I have not only seen him but also  have worked with him on
so many projects. I have travelled with him on some of his greatest
tours, in fact  I am a part of the most important song of his life
probably “JAI HO” from  Slumdog millionaire. I was on stage with him
when he won the Grammy at the Staples Centre, in Los Angeles. All this makes me feel
very, very happy and I feel every moment has been very inspiring but
having said that once you work closely with AR Rahman sir, you realise
music is just one part of his personality and he has so many things to
offer to this planet — not just music but life lessons. It’s been a
wonderful journey with AR Rahman sir,  and I feel blessed.

Q: Describe the differences in your life – before and after meeting AR

Vijay: Undoubtedly life has changed before and after AR Rahman sir’s presence
in my life specially after the song “Jai ho”. I think I have reached
out to the International audience with my voice and people have not
just heard Jai Ho but heard other work that I have done with him. I
also got the limelight because of this song. Thank you to AR Rahman
sir for not just giving  me Jai Ho but so many hit songs, in many
languages especially  in Hindi & Tamil. So I really feel privileged
lucky and very humbled that I have been a part of his journey that has
made my musical journey very special .Thank you AR Rahman sir for
everything that you have blessed me in my life.

** Cover pic of Agam the band. Pix courtesy of Mojo Projects

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