Indie music in Malaysia from India too!

It’s called the Malaysian Independent Music Fesival but it features locals as well as South India’s Top 50 musicians and vocalists.

One of the bands is Kerala’s Thaikkudam Bridge. According to thehindu, Govind Menon had been working as a keyboard programmer in Kollywood for almost seven years, along with cousin Siddharth, who was looking for a singing opportunity. That’s when the duo heard about the music programme called Music Mojo on Kappa TV, and approached them. “But, they wanted 12 songs from us if we had to be featured,” says Govind, in the article. “He quickly got in touch with his friends, friends of friends, and ex-colleagues, who converged to produce the 12 songs, jamming for hours in an apartment near Thaikkudam Bridge in Kochi (hence the name), and then diverged soon after, to their respective cities and lives. They had no idea that they had together given birth to a bunch of videos that would go ‘so viral that we found it only right to get together again to see how far we could take it’, he says.” The article goes on: “While their popular numbers, such as ‘Appozhum’ (an adaptation of a song from the 1983 Malayalam movie Kadamba ) and ‘Fish Rock’ had people headbanging at the mosh pit, the Tamil fusion numbers were received with gentle swaying… “Malayalam, English, Hindi or Tamil… one thing that we have realised over the years is that good music sells. And, ours is good,” says Govind.”

Interesting! Thaikkudam Bridge is one of 5 fusion bands performing at the indoor StarXpo Centre, Kuala Lumpur come Oct 22.

The rest are Masala Coffee led by Sooraj Santhosh; Tamil Cinema’s playback singer Haricharan featuring the musical styling of Bennet & The Band; Karthik and the Krew and Malaysia’s AkashA.

The cheapest tickets are RM88, way up in the bleachers. Right in front of the stage? Try RM888.

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