Humour enlivens depression, with Every Brilliant Thing feb 2

A LIST of a million things that make life wonderful, from a child’s perspective and on to an adult’s, tugs at the heartstrings in Every Brilliant Thing, which opens Feb 2. A restaging by theatrethreesixty, the play offers awareness about depression and suicide in a comical manner. Its artistic director, Christopher Ling, says: “The novelty factor perhaps is the interactive aspect for audiences. But the sold-out eight shows for its premiere in November last year indicates that audiences do want a direct relationship with plays, and want to be part of it.”

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EVERY BRILLIANT THING WHEN: Feb 2-4, Feb 9-11, 8.30pm (3pm show on Feb 5 & Feb 12). VENUE: theatrethreesixty at Tommy Le Baker, A-1-5, Viva Residency, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, KL ADMISSION: RM38 & RM28 Purchase tickets online at and at the door. Note Mature content. Suitable for 13 and above.

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