French festival treat in Malaysia, 2018


MALAYSIA’s longest-running foreign cultural festival, Le French Festival, is back for its 17th edition come April 12, with 16 of France’s latest movies, post-rock and electronic music groups, and culinary events, among others.

For music fans, French post-rock trio Lysistrata should thrill as it is set to perform at The Bee, Publika on April 28, in a first-in-Asia live concert.

Formed in 2013, Théo (guitar, vocals), Max (bass, vocals) and Ben (drums, vocals), have built a following in Europe with their energised sound.

Another young artiste is Romea, a solo French electro-pop artist based in Cambodia. She creates a personal electro music inspired by hip-hop, lo-fi and R’n’B using analogue synths, spoken samples in French and sung parts in English. Her act is due April 20 at Pisco Bar.

French ambassador Frédéric Laplanch said the selection for film and other events was current and represented the bright young talents taking over the in France.

I caught Ce qui nous lie (Back to Burgundy), directed by Cédric Klapisch. It’s a family drama that revolves around the wine-making traditions of the province. And just like wine, the film needs time to mature into a sweet love story, as well as a cinematic milestone for women entrepreneurs as the only daughter Juliette (Ana Girardot) turns out to have inherited the vintner’s legacy, compared to her siblings, Jean (Pio Marmaï) and youngest brother, Jérémie (François Civil).

It’s a warm, fuzzy watch. I liked the special relationship portrayed between Mother Nature and the people who depend on her goodwill for their livelihood. Production notes state that the director did shoots over a full year, and it shows in the effect of the seasons on vintners.


polinaThere are several other movies in the line-up, but I can’t wait to watch the Marion Cotillard starrer called Rock’n Roll, which features cameos by French stars including the late Johnny Hallyday.

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