First Baby Theatre in Malaysia


Date : 19/9/2018 ~ 23/9/2018 Time : 0-2 yrs old | 2-4 yrs old -10AM-11AM | -12PM-1PM-2PM-3PM | -4PM-5PM

Venue : Pearl Shopping Gallery @ The Play Haus WhatsApp / Call : 012-2345 449 Email address

This will be the very first baby theatre in Malaysia. It will be an interesting journey of sensations experienced not only for our little one and parents, as well as the our whole creative team were excited to give all out for the audience.

After many years in theatre, we have realised that there is a group of audience ignored most of the time, and yet they are the most precious and they signify new hope – babies.

“We need art, they need art.”( By Dalija Acin Thelander, currently the most pioneer baby theatre director based in Sweden).

Theatre for early years or Baby theatre, is a completely new spectatorship and definition of theatre performance. Combination of performer, installation art setting and music are important elements for audience to watch and “feel it”.

Inspired by Dalija Acin Thelander’s form of baby theatre, the performance is directed and the costume and set is designed by Kimmy Kiew, as her “comeback” debut loaded with her motherly sense of inspirations after six years of enjoying her family and motherhood life, choreographed by Leng Poh Gee, another artist who has “upgraded” to be a father of two, its music is designed by Lee Yuet Yee, lighting is designed by Ng Wei Hock , and is blended with the energetic performance of Joyce Chan, Yap Chiw Yi, John Wong and Chong Xin Yi.

Its produced by Linda Ang from Hong Jie Jie Work Station, a pioneer children theatre company in town who is always committed to present extraordinary shows to the young ones.

What to expect? Audience are advised to wear socks as they will need to remove shoes to enter into the theatre. The organiser is highly cautious of hygienic level such like the venue,performance props and set will be sanitized before the show start. Air purifier device will be generated during the performance as well. All the elements presented are to “entertain” our audience in the sense of stimulation for their sensory organ, emotions, exploring what “they” like to focus as like they are looking at their new world! Your babies may sometimes be inspired to engage with the performers, moving, rolling, or play with the little things they found in the performance space. As parents or guardians, you can some times give the freedom for the little one to explore around within your handy reach area. Comforting, feeding and changing is allowed throughout the show. It is always to your babies needs first and priority. The seating capacity is limited to 20 babies, including parents. Please refer to the show time and choose a suitable time slot according to your baby’s age group

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