Enough is Enough! No More Dead Tigers

Enough is Enough! #NoMoreDeadTigers

Malaysians were recently shocked by the loss of SIX wild Malayan tigers in the span of a single month. They were among the last 300 tigers that now fight to stay alive. Extinction is real.

These are just the latest cases in a string of deaths. Illegal hunting and trade, driven by demand for wildlife from within and outside Malaysia, remains the most devastating threat to tigers and other endangered species.

photo from MYCAT

photo from MYCAT

We demand that poachers be brought to justice and landowners of tiger habitat, be it states, corporations or individuals, bear responsibility to save wild tigers. We call for:

  1. Maximum sentences to be handed out to criminals convicted of killing or trading in tigers and other endangered species.
  2. Civil society to be allowed to support the investigation and prosecution process of wildlife crimes, and alternative penalties be used against wildlife criminals.
  3. Sustainable forestry certification to be re-evaluated for forests where tigers are killed.
  4. Highest priority to be given to maintain tiger habitats under natural forest cover and to halt further forest fragmentation within the Central Forest Spine landscape.

Let the saving of tigers symbolise our capacity for change, to do the right thing. We will tolerate NO MORE dead tigers and empty forests. We urge everyone to act now. Please add your voice and sign this petition today!

MYCAT is calling for 100,000 signatures to seek justice for the Malayan tiger by Global Tiger Day on 29 July 2016.

Read the FULL petition at bit.do/harimau.



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