“Dumplin'” throws the beauty of thinness a curve

Movie review

SURE, some people are just naturally skinn, no matter how much cookies and chocolates they eat! Most people are like Willowdean Dickson aka “Dumplin'” (played by Danielle Macdonald of Patti Cake$ fame) as nicknamed by her ex-beauty queen mum.

I watched the movie because it has a lot of Dolly Parton songs. I am a fan, what else can I say?

Willow, as I shall call her here, was practically brought up by her aunt Lucy (Hilliary Begley) as Mum (Jennifer Aniston) was busy doing the pageant circuit.

Aunt Lucy, who had a a few scenes only early in the movie, was a grounded person and plumb but secure in her appeal. At home in her own skin, as they say. And a fine friend to Miz Dolly’s songs.

This wonderful role model or Willow, whose Jennifer mum tries her best to do right by her daughter despite not being thin, welcomes young Ellen (played by Odeya Rush as a teenager) into Willow’s life, and a friendship is forged.

Aunt Lucy gone, mum at home, Willow, now a teenager, is okay as teens can be. She isn’t too thrilled about her weight, and finds a burger joint worker’s attention (played by Luke Benward) odd. “Who would want this body?” she asks him, when he asks her out for a date.

Danielle Macdonald (left) and Jennifer Aniston in Dumplin’

Along comes a town beauty pageant and Willow finds out that her Aunt Lucy had wanted to take part. So, Willow signs up in protest at the stereotypes of lasses in such pageants. She also does it get her mojo back, especially since a former hot jock seems to like her.

She has the staunch support of Ellen, who never saw her as fat.

Willow doesn’t need intervention, people with blinkers on do. Like, do you know what is the ultimate bikini body? Put a bikini on your body, as Willow and Ellen show during the pageant.

Everyone gets to muddle through their feelings, of having to grow up – teens and adults.There are some standout scenes, like the shows by the tranvestites, who are friends of the late aunt.

And Willow’s magic talent show is awesome!

She picks up some other oddballs in this pageant drive like cheery Millie (Maddie Baillio) and a ghoulish protest princess Hannah (Bex Taylor-Klaus). It all ends well.

Aaaah, while Miz Dolly doesn’t have a cameo, her voice and songs are in every scene. And, she wrote six of the 12 tracks exclusively for the film!! Joining Parton on the soundtrack are Elle KingMiranda LambertMavis StaplesAlison KraussRhonda VincentSiaMacy Gray, Willa Amai and the film’s stars Aniston and Macdonald. That would the last song on the movie.

You might like Girl in the Movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdSKR8EHnXY

Dumplin’ , on Netflix , reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine, which I can watch a few times.

Good work, Netflix.


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