Dimsum indulgence on Elegant Inn’s 9th birthday

I have known Elegant Inn since it was a year old, and now it’s nine!  It’s a restaurant I would think of when I’m craving fine HK dimsum, double-boiled soups (they do it best here) or any of the dishes on the always evolving menu.  Among other things, I like its Double-Boiled Chicken and Conch Soup with Black Garlic, a friend’s husband swears by its perfectly steamed fish, and who can fault its Dancing Fried Rice?

Old Fashioned Prawn Toast

Old Fashioned Prawn Toast

I had dimsum there three weeks ago and now I’m back for its 9th Birthday dimsum specials. It’s five different ones for each week until August 24, at just RM9 nett each. I will be back for more.

We were on the Week 3 Dimsum Specials and we got: Siu Mai with Fish Roe (usually RM13.80), Old-Fashioned Prawn Toast (RM16.80), Crispy Vegetarian Rice Roll (RM14.80), Watercress Dumplings in Cordycep Flower Soup (RM11.70) and Golden Custard Cake (RM19.20). But all these are RM9 each!

Watercress Dumplings with Cordycep Flowers in Soup

Watercress Dumplings with Cordycep Flowers in Soup

We love the Beef Balls (RM12.50)at Elegant Inn too, and the Fried Taro Pouch (Wu Kok), so we ordered these from the daily dimsum menu, as well as the irresistible Double-boiled Hasma with Fresh Almond Cream in Whole Coconut (RM38..  The last comes under Luxury Treats – buy one, get one free! The Almond Cream and Golden Custard Cake are my absolute favourites for dessert here.

Prawny and meaty Siu Mai

Siu Mai, a classic dimsum

My friend Jeanie Lee who is just on her second visit to Elegant Inn loved the Old Fashioned Prawn Toast so generously topped with chopped fresh prawns and skilfully fried. Being a chef and restaurateur, she appreciates this. Crispy Vegetarian Roll  is one dimsum I can never tire of.  You bite through the soft, smooth rice skin into a crunchy layer of deep fried shredded taro, carrot and radish, touched with a sweet and salty abalone sauce.

Crispy Vegetarian Rice Roll

Crispy Vegetarian Rice Roll — one of the best dimsum at Elegant Inn

We had double helpings of the delicious Watercress Dumplings. The beef balls were smooth and bouncy, with a little crunch from waterchestnut and citrusy punch from Mandarin peel. The Fried Taro Pouch melted in the mouth, tumbling the almost liquid filling into it.

The yummiest Beef Balls

The yummiest Beef Balls

We were in dessert heaven with the exquisite Golden Custard Cake, delicate, eggy and buttery.  The Fresh Almond Cream in Coconut with Hasma was so good  — we scraped the young, sweet coconut into the creamy almond milk creamed with a little egg white.

Double-boiled Hasma with Fresh Almond Cream in Whole Coconut

Double-boiled Hasma with Fresh Almond Cream in Whole Coconut

We are going back to consider more half-price Luxury Treats like Peppercorn Pig’s Stomach Broth with Fish Maw, Steamed Tiger Garoupa with HK Sweetened Vegetables and Kurobuta Pork and Braised SA Dried Abalone, Goose Web and Chinese Mushroom. There’s  also the Premium Lobster Set  (3 appetisers, 6 courses) at RM899 for 4 pax, Anniversary Deals at RM199 per pax, and the Individual Executive Lunch Set at RM99 per pax.

Elegant Inn is on 2nd floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03 2070 9399. It’s best to make a booking.



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