Crazy Rich Asians movie such a yawn

Yes, like most Malaysians who see movies, I too caught Crazy Rich Asians — to support the Malaysian actors like Henry Golding who plays the Mr Darcy role against Rachel aka Eliza Dolittle in rich land, portrayed by Constance Wu — who I really like after seeing her in Fresh Off The Boat.

What I liked? The mahjong scene. Wah, killer moves with tiles!! The art of one upmanship, among bitches.

Rachel throws away the mahjong tile, eight of bamboo — and that’s her winning hand, and craz mama aka Michelle eoh picks it up to win. But Rachel has let mama win even tho mamasan’s boy Nick has asked to marry her. Rachel could have won the game. But walks away.

She showed more than that she has loved Nick so much that she puts his future first.

The kick for this scene? The mahjong scene is not in the book.

I really liked Awkwafina! Hey, I saw Musse in Bangsar in the movie!!

So why were the women mostly bitches??? Including grandma! And Nick has no daddy??

I was bored with the most of the other scenes. So Jho Low wanna-be. So Wolf of Wall Street. So cantonese serial drama wanna-be.

Carcosa Seri Negara

Carcosa Seri Negara as granny Nick’s house

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