Auspicious ways in Year of the Dog

The Year of the Dog or Wu Xu Year arrived on February 4.  “Wu is the Heavenly Stem and Xu the Earthly Branch.  Wu is Earth and Xu is Earth too.” This was revealed at a recent Chinese New Year talk by Tao scholar Dr Geraldine Goh who heads the International Institute of Tao Studies Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

She uses the five approaches based on Tao studies to find out what the Year of the Dog will bring. These include Qi and Symbolic Implication of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, the Six Cylinder Theory, Numeric Implication and Theoretical Reasoning of Purple White Star, Implication of I-Ching Kua for the year and references from Zi Wei Numerology

“The phonic sound of Wu Xu is Plain Land Wood. The Purple White Flying Star ‘9’ manages at the Centre Court. The coming qi comprises earth, earth and wood. The Year of the Dog also has fire and metal. Water and wood are lacking.”

Earth is yellow, Fire is red, Wood is green and Water is black. Popular colours will be yellow and red but black will make the qi flow better. So the lucky colour is black.

It’s the year to have a fling in the share market (Earth, Fire) while the food business and restaurants, and energy which come under Fire will do well. Earth also refers to property.

But the Year of the Dog is lacking in Water. Water is about communications, trading, shipping and transport. The media industry, for instance, comprises Water (communications) and Fire (electronic), and not just Wood. There is a lack of communications, whether in politics, at work or at home.

“It won’t be so smooth in Japan and Korea. There will be some conflict between these two countries and China. But China will be all right as it is coming to its peak. Australia will have a shaky standing with China while US will do injury to themselves with the changes they make in taxes, policies, etc.

According to the Six Cylinder Theory, Snake is Prosperity; Dog and Dragon are clipping the Snake.  This year will have a lot of Peach Blossom (Tou Far), which augurs well for those in showbiz, celebrities, politicians and teachers, with their popularity rising. “It’s not a bad year though it doesn’t show a lot of money,” said Dr Goh.

Looking at Zi Wei Numerology, the world produces money but it’s taken away. Politicians will get into a lot of discussions on serious issues.

The Nourishment Kua comes up in I-Ching Oracle, which means stay on track, be trustworthy and don’t cheat in the coming year. The economy will be better than last year. Money is hidden and those who want it have to go by a different route.

The current year Prosperity is in the South East while the current year Intellect is in South West West. The Tai Sui is in North West West. Avoid renovations and digging in the South East and North West West.

Here are dates for key activities for auspiciousness in the Year of the Dog

February 9 – Spring Cleaning

Start spring cleaning from 2am to 4am, 8am to 10am, 10am to 12 noon. You can complete it later in the day. Switch on all the lights at night till morning.

February 10

Drink red bean soup for Yang energy, eat longans to stabilise qi, gouji berries for the eyes. Avoid inauspicious words, bad language and actions. Initiate an idea or longevity scheme.

February 12 (2am to 4am, 8am to 10am), February 15 (10am to 12noon, 2pm to 4pm, 8pm to 10pm)

Thank the work tools with Tao coins and red packets

February 15 – New Year’s Eve (10am to 12 noon, 2pm to 4pm, 8pm to 10pm)

Aroma Tao tools, cards, pictures and smooth-sailing beads.

Light up pine leaves at night at the front of the house and walk across.

Set auspicious decorations in place.

Carry red packets or sleep with them under your pillow – RM168 for prosperity an RM159 for success

Light up the whole house till morning. Stay up late for parents’ longevity.

February 16 – Chinese New Year’s Day (1.01am-2am)

Open the front door

4am to 6am

Walk towards South direction to temple or church and make a wish for the year.

Auspicious Days to Start Work

2nd day February 17 – 2am to 4am

4th day February 19 – 2am to 4am

8th day February 23 – 4am to 6am, 4pm to 6pm, 6pm to 8pm

9th day February 24 – 2am to 4am, 8am to 10am

13th day February 28 – 4am to 6am

14th day March 1 – 2am to 4am, 8am to 10am, 10am to 12 noon

16th day March 3 – 12am to 2am, 2am to 4am, 6am to 8am

Source: International Institute of Tao Studies Malaysia. Website:


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