Auspicious ways in the Year of the Rooster

The Year of the Rooster dawns on January 28. It’s the Ding You Year, Ding being the Heavenly Stem and You the Earthly Branch. “Ding is Fire and You is Metal,” said Tao scholar Dr Geraldine Goh, who heads the International Institute of Tao Studies in Kuala Lumpur.

She uses the five approaches based on Tao studies to find out what the year will bring. These include Qi and Symbolic Implication of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, the Six Cylinder Theory, Numeric Implication and Theoretical Reasoning of Purple White Star, Implication of I-Ching Kua for the year and references from Zi Wei Numerology

“The phonic sound of Ding You is Mountain Bottom Fire. The Purple White Flying Star gets into the Centre Court, which is Water. Metal is very strong this year.

“The I-Ching Kua the coming year is managing the eight characters or Bai Zhi (destiny).”

Wishes for an Auspicious and Prosperous Year of the Rooster

Fire is red, Metal is white, Mountain Bottom Fire is red and Water is black. The colours red, white and black will be very popular especially in the fashion industry, she said. However, wear yellow and green as these are the auspicious colours for the year.

From the elements, she concludes that Fire, Metal and Water industries will do well, However, there may be more than one element in an industry.

Restaurants and food industries come under Fire, and so does energy.

Water is about communications, trading, shipping and transport. The media industry, for instance, comprises Water (communications) and Fire (electronic), and not just Wood.

As for Metal, goldsmiths should do well, with young designs getting popular. Metal also refers to the iron and steel industry, as well as banks. Banks also contain some Water as it is about finance, trading and communications.

Don’t bank on luck, as money this coming year has to be earned through hard work, said Geraldine.

The East is directly hitting the Tai Sui (Minister in charge) sitting in the West, so do not do any renovations on your house in the East-West sector in the coming year.

A house sitting on South East and facing North-West is in a lucky location.

Geraldine also touched on the activities to improve your luck for the New Year.

Chinese New Year’s Eve

Light up the whole house and office from evening till morning.

Auspicious ways to welcome the Year of the Rooster

 Eat a fish that’s whole on Chinese New Year’s Eve and another fish on New Year’s Day. This is to signify abundance or excess of wealth before and after Chinese New Year. Also have a chicken for the reunion dinner as it stands for good foundation.

On New Year’s Eve, give yourself and the rest of the family angpows. RM159 is to bring in success and a smooth sailing year, while RM168 is for prosperity. Of course you may make up smaller denominations for the angpows, such as RM15.90 or RM16.80. Sleep with the angpows under your pillow.

Stay up late so that the elders will be blessed with longevity.

Chinese New Year’s Day

You may open the main door from 1am to 2am or 8am to 10am on Chinese New Year’s Day.  Walk towards the West between 4am and 6am to a place of worship and make a wish for the year.

The eighth day of Chinese New Year on 4 February is Spring Arrival Day and that’s when the New Year really begins.

Auspicious Days to Start Work

29 January – 2am to 4am

2 February – 8am to 10am, 10am to 12noon

3 February – 4am to 6am

4 February – 8am to 10am, 10am to 12noon, 6pm to 8pm

9 February –12 noon to 2pm, 2pm to 4pm

10 February – 8am to 10am, 10am to 12noon, 4pm to 6pm

12 February – 6am to 8am, 12noon to 2pm

13 February – 6am to 8am







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