7 dancers, 7 Dances, with Geetha Shankaran Lam

“When ART required ways to heal humanity, She manifested as myriad forms, and thus many disciplines were born.”
Says odissi maestro Geetha Shankaran Lam: For the first time, my own dream has convinced me of its future. Seven young individuals who courageously took up the challenge to spend time in Dance, Music & Theatre, who as I have discovered, have unsettling circumstances in the daily lives.
“Being practical and realistic …through the selected intense training, these young ones, have undergone the shocking discovery of the word ‘passion-commitment’. The everyday awareness is about seeing the mirror of myriad reflections of ‘Shades of inner emotions’, and they are left to bask in their their works.
“Youths being shown ways to embrace fraillities, weaknesses and the changing trends plus the pressurising demands in society and relating it back to their love for the artforms. It is Empowerment & Healing with Hope for our future.”
The repertoire for 7 Dancers, 7 Dances is:
1. Hail the Lord of Dance – ensemble opening work on Shiva Nataraja in Bharatanatyam
2. The Torrent – in Odissi with Ganga Taranga, recited-sung by Arunagiri Szeyuan Lam ( 18), joined by Sangametra Yuiyuan Lam (16) & Lethiadharshini Ravichandran  (18)
3. Hymn to Him – Kathak work Shiva stuti with the universal prayer made as an invocation performed by Eshalini Sitharasu (15), joined by Wong Wan Ying (23)
4. Loving Shiva – hummed and sung by the ensemble , the traditional Vasanta Jatiswaram will be performed by Peraveen Maniam ( 17), in his loving adoration of the Lord of Dance
5. Broken Mirrors – poetry of the difficult feelings in a human, especially women – a solo work by Wong Wan Ying
6. Courage Resplendant – Kathak duet by Arunagiri S Lam & Sangametra Yuiyuan Lam in this powerful work of Pandit Rajendra Gangani
7. Melancholy – a hip-hop-Indian fusion solo work by Arunagiri, concluding into a finale. Indian Rain is a known music composition by international artiste Hariharan.
When: April 21-22, 2018.

Tickets at RM30. Call 017 6266725 or 014 6120249.

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